A Wicked Woman

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Will it take long, I wonder as I sit quietly in my car. I can’t smell anything, and I don’t feel tired. Should I feel tired? I put the envelope in my lap and lean back, stretching out my hands, extending my fingers to test the feelings. My sleeves ride up and I turn my arms to see the scars interlacing over my flesh. Old under new. More scars than any man should bear.

I’ve told her that I love her. That is a lie now, but it was once true. True when she appeared to be beautiful, flirtatious, interested.

Oh, she was interested all right, when I was fool enough to boast. But every man boasts. Don’t they? Of his wealth, the make of his car, the depth of his bank balance. Anything to impress the woman he wants.

And impress I did. Within weeks she was mine.

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A collection of art throughout the ages INSPIRED BY ART: FALL OF A GIANT by Uvi Poznansky @UviPoznansky #ASMSG #art #RRBC

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Title: Inspired by Art: Fall  of a Giant (The David Chronicles) Book 5
Author: Uvi Poznansky
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Genre: Art

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Uvi Poznansky

Inspired by Art Fall of a Giant 3D-Book-TemplateSummary:

Inspired by Art: Fall of a Giant is a collection of art throughout the ages, around the story of David. This volume focuses on the aftermath of the victory over Goliath.

These amazing sculptures, paintings, etchings, and manuscript illustrations inspired the author to write The David Chronicles, a series of three volumes, the first of which is the novel Rise to Power, where she imagines this victory.

Besides being an artist and having worked as an architect, she taught art history, and this collection served as the basis for a semester-long course analyzing the contrasts in viewpoints around the biblical story.

This collection…

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Passion, revenge, courage, love, and a touch of the supernatural! BEGINNING ANEW  by author Paula Rose Michelson @PaulaWordsmith1 #ASMSG #spirituality #RRBC

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Title: Beginning Anew The Naomi Chronicles Book 3
Author: Paula Rose Michelson
Link: (Amazon)  http://getbook.at/BeginningAnew
Genre: Christian Romance

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Beginning Anew 3D-Book-Template.jpgSummary:

Spurred on by their newfound faith in Christ, Chaz and Naomi discover what it means to view one another with eyes of love. Yet there are those who cannot forgive them for Chaz and Naomi have revealed that they are Jewish believers in Messiah and find it a difficult to go about their daily lives.

While others long-held secrets threaten to pull them apart, passion, duty, fear, revenge, courage, prejudice, love, and a touch of the supernatural are woven into the lives of this couple. Naomi is visited by the spirit of her dead benefactor, and Chaz asks for Padre Paul’s advice about friends who no longer admit to knowing him.

Tensions build and Lola…

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The Colour Red

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Golf is an engaging sport, but can it be that fascinating?

Seven days a week. Every afternoon, and sometimes in the evening…

I’m writing. Or meant to be writing. On my laptop. Trying to reunite my hero with his heroine. Across a raging, alligator filled river. But she has been swept away, and he is out of options.

Ring Ring! The phone call would give me some much needed logistics time. I answer.

“Hello.” My mind is elsewhere. How do you cross a tooth filled Amazon, with no boat nor bridge?

A pleasant voice responds in my ear. Keen, interested, distracting me from my hero’s latest challenge.

“Hello Mrs. Williams. Steve Jones here, Spicer McColl estate agents. Do you have a moment to answer some questions on your recent house buying experience?”

Recent? Really? I have not bought a house in over 35 years. Even then, I think it was…

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History, mystery, action & romance! SEWING CAN BE DANGEROUS by S. R. Mallery @SarahMallery1 #ASMSG #history #RRBC

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Title:  Sewing Can Be Dangerous and Other Small Threads
Author:  S. R. Mallery
Link: (Amazon) viewBook.at/Sewing
Genre: History

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Sewing Can Be Dangerous with badge 3D-Book-Template.jpgSummary:


These eleven short stories range from drug traffickers using hand-woven wallets, to a U.S. slave sewing freedom codes into her quilts; from a cruise ship murder mystery with a quilt instructor and a NYPD police detective, to a couple hiding Christian passports into a comforter in Nazi Germany; from an old Salem Witchcraft wedding quilt curse to a young seamstress in the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire; from a 1980’s Romeo and Juliet romance between a Wall Street financial ‘star’ and an eclectic fiber artist, to a Haight-Ashbury love affair between a professor and a macramé artist gone horribly wrong, just to name a…

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