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Dear Reader #120

Hannah Howe

Dear Reader,

My latest translation, Eve’s War: Operation Sherlock, in Spanish.

Through my gateway ancestor Barbara Aubrey (1637 – 1711) I am directly related to the Welsh nobility including The Lord Rhys, Yr Arglwydd Rhys, Prince of Wales. A ‘bit of a lad’ The Lord Rhys married twice, had eleven mistresses and fathered at least twenty-four children. A successful leader for over fifty years he was “a man of excellent wit and quick in repartee.”

My ancestor Rev William Aubrey (1573 – 1646) was the rector of Pendoylon parish church. William married Jane Mathews (1580 – 1650), whose line takes my ancestry back to Robert de Vere, the Third Earl of Oxford. Robert was a Surety Baron who witnessed the signing of Magna Carta.

Pedigree chart: Jeremy Crick.

My ancestor Humphrey Mathew (1567 – 1651) owned Castell-y-Mynach a late medieval mansion remodelled in the early seventeenth century and largely refenestrated…

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In Pursuit of a Personal Odyssey

Mom's Favorite Reads

In Pursuit of a Personal Odyssey by John Greeves

From the stone terrace I see the ancient donkey path as it drops down skirting the edge of white walled houses on its way to the valley plain below and to the Homeric wine-dark sea. An Eleonora falcon hangs in the evening breeze; I breathe deeply, filling my lungs with a fusion of night stock, jasmine and charged feeling of well-being, knowing I’ve returned home.

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A Right Scottish View

Mom's Favorite Reads

A Right Scottish View by Sheena Macleod

With its miles of undisturbed countryside and rolling hills, the Scottish Borders with its rich history is not short on its share of scenic views. One of the most stunning is Scott’s view; Sir Walter Scott’s favoured place for quiet reflection during his adult life as Scotland’s most prolific and successful writer of the 19th century. Many of his works remain literary classics today.

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Book Collaborations

Mom's Favorite Reads

Book Collaborations by Wendy H. Jones

Should We Do Them?

This topic has been on my mind lately, mainly because Creativity Matters: Find Your Passion for Writing – the third book in my Writing Matters series releases on 1st September 2021. The first two books in the series were written by me but in Creativity Matters I wanted to invite chapter contributions from a variety of different authors. This was a real step into the unknown for me as a publisher and I was keen to see how the experiment went. I have published anthologies previously, but these were on behalf of other publishers; this one is the first under my own publishing house – Scott and Lawson.

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Dear Reader #119

Hannah Howe

Dear Reader,

My latest translation, the Portuguese version of Snow in August, Sam Smith Mystery Series book sixteen.

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing author, playwright and journalist Tim Walker for Mom’s Favorite Reads. Meanwhile, Tim’s just published a new book, his thoughts on meeting stars of stage and screen. You can learn more about Tim’s book here

Ancestry have updated my DNA result. I’m 65% Welsh. The other 35% is shared between Belgium, the Channel Islands, England, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway.

My main genetic communities are Wales, Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, Northern West Virginia and Maryland.

I have cousins in Australia, New Zealand, California, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Toronto, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey and North Carolina.

I’m sure I have relatives in other countries and territories that this DNA test doesn’t cover…

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Five Publishing Secrets for Indie Authors

Mom's Favorite Reads

Five Publishing Secrets for Indie Authors by Val Tobin

I’m one lucky indie author.

When I wrote my first novel, I spoke to already-published authors, and the advice they gave me saved me time, money, and embarrassment. I’m always happy to save time and money and relieved when I’m spared embarrassment.

The following five tips will help you release your novel to the world with less pain.

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