Friendly ghosts exist! SEVENTH DAUGHTER by Jessie B Tyson @JessieBTyson #ASMSG #RRBC #youngadult

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Title: Seventh Daughter 
Author: Jessie B Tyson 
Genre: Spiritual
Seventh Daughter 3D-Book-TemplateSummary:

A short 25 page true story to read waiting for a bus or if you need to, while sitting on the toilet, ha. My bad.

The fire sparked loudly, and spit a burning ember onto the rug . It scared my Heinz57 (British for not a purebred) dog and she ran into the next room. Was it a premonition? Then someone appeared behind the couch. There was just my Aunt and me there. Who was it and why did it visit us? You might not believe in spirits but this is a true account….believe it, or not. I saw what I saw and so did the dog. The Seventh Daughter saw nothing. I tell you, friendly ghosts are real.

Download your 25 page conversation with the British “Seventh Daughter of the Seventh Daughter.”

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Mystery Mondays Review: “Murder at the Bijou” by Teagan Riordain Geneviene


Bijou front only 2

This is a very enjoyable murder story set in the 1920s. Pip, Granny Phanny and a whole bunch of alliterated characters populate the story of surprisingly strong suspense with equally surprising turns of events.
This is hugely enjoyable and definitely recommended to anyone with a sense of fun and humour.

I loved this book when it was published in parts on the blog and loved it even more re-reading it as a whole in one sitting. Yes, one sitting.

I only now realised just how much work had gone into the individual parts. I often forgot from one week to the next what certain references mean or what they allude to. The novel is hugely enjoyable and a fun read thanks to many quirky expressions, usage of words off the beaten track, fabulous character names and many more delicious ingredients.
The writing is very original and the story line is…

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Life can change overnight! SCARED COURAGE by Muriel Gill @GillMuriel #ASMSG #RRBC #IARTG

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Title: Scared Courage 
Author: Muriel Gill  
Link:    Amazon     Lulu     Smashwords
Genre: Crime fiction


Neo makes a startling discovery, which forces her to make a difficult choice between honoring what she believes to be morally right and a lavish lifestyle, provided by her husband whose money is thickly tainted with the blood of the innocent. There will be dire consequences either way, not only for herself, but also in the lives of those closest to her. With her life in danger, she is forced to flee her beloved native country and live as a fugitive, under a new identity in a foreign country. Her journey to the warm friendliness of beautiful South Carolina is one with twists and turns. Will her dogged determination to begin anew be enough to get her safely there?


Muriel Gill was born and grew up…

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The Pooch Plan!

Romantic Suspense Books


As a fulltime, well into middle age writer, (eh hem – I am assuming I will live until I am at least 100yrs old) the size of my backside and how square it is becoming, is a constant worrying thought. Not only do I force myself to go to exercise classes at least three times a week, to wobble along with other like minded ladies, I also am on a near constant diet.

A diet that has never really worked until recently.

It’s all too easy to fall into bad habits when writing. That moment when you pause your fingertips over the keyboard, rise to stretch your back, flick on the kettle for that inspirational cuppa while searching the recesses of your brain for that perfect word, that heartbreaker sentence, that killer retort… And you end up looking in the fridge or the cupboard, for nothing in particular, and see…

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A thriller based on true events! MY PRISON WITHOUT BARS by Taylor Evan Fulks @TaylorTfulks20 #ASMSG #RRBC #thrillers

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Title: My Prison Without Bars The Journey of a Damaged Woman to Someplace Normal 
Author: Taylor Evan Fulks  
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Genre: Thriller

My Prison 3D-Book-TemplateSummary:


MY PRISON WITHOUT BARS is a courageous and harrowing journey through the catacombs of hell, from the mind and voice of a little girl living with her own monster underneath her bed. Written in first person, this novel is not a memoir, but more a psychological thriller based on true events; chronicling one woman’s attempt to claw her way out of the darkness of Child Sexual Abuse, while struggling to find normal, in a not-so-normal world.
It is poignant, dark and graphic; not for the faint of heart. This novel will…

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Introducing Author E.M.G. Wixley @TarianGreen1 #ASMSG #horror #T4US

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In the Devils Own Words new 3D-Book-TemplateAC 3D-Book-Template.jpgBlood Borne new 3D-Book-Template
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Elizabeth Wixley was born in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom but has moved many times during her childhood. She attended the Camberwell Art School and joined a design studio in Convent Garden. Moving to Bristol, some years later, she worked full time for the Local Education Authority supporting children suffering from emotional and behavioural problems whilst ensuring that the transition into a mainstream school was done in a supportive and nurturing manner. Whilst providing children with a safe haven for learning, she raised two sons as a single parent while studying for a degree in education at the University of the West of England.

Her love of fiction started at the age of six when Elizabeth’s grandmother died of cancer and to ensure that the rest of the family was safe, she would spend the nights roaming the house looking…

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