Dear Reader #153

Hannah Howe

Dear Reader,

My latest translation, the Portuguese version of Operation Rose, Eve’s War Heroines of SOE, book seven.

The Big Ripoff, Series 1, Episode 7 of The Rockford Files is a strong episode with some noir touches. In the early episodes of the series there is a sense that Rockford is a ‘loser’ in that he’s always the one being ripped-off. That pattern changed as the series progressed and in this episode, financially at least, Rockford emerges as a winner.

Some neat dialogue, which sums up Rockford’s character. Marilyn, a model, “Is there anything you won’t do for money?”

Rockford, “I won’t kill for it, and I won’t marry for it. Other than that, I’m open to just about anything.”

📸Jill Clayburgh who guest-starred as Marilyn.

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