Keep Calm and Stay Safe

Embracing This Storm

Here we go again. Another variant and cases rising.But let’s be honest we’ve been there before; we know the drill.

So, what’s different this time?We have more people vaccinated, we have more science and knowledge, and we are now well accustomed to social distancing and other safety measures.

All we need is an iPad and connection

For many of us we miss our families and friends whom we have not seen for over two years. However, can you imagine if this had happened even three to four decades ago? I keep thinking if this had happened in my early twenties how difficult it could have been for all those families separated all over the world. I’m reminded daily that our technology and connectivity today have been such a blessing through all this uncertainty and distance.  In any moment I can jump on a call, send a text message or FaceTime, Zoom…

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