Big Hopes for 2021

Embracing This Storm

I see so many posts and blogs about farewelling 2020, and celebrating the back of a year that many would prefer to forget. Many have struggled through the past several months, being separated from loved ones, fearing this virus and all that it brings, job losses, business downturns, plans cancelled…. I could go on!

But I don’t want to forget. I don’t think we should. Human life is so precious and the little luxuries we have around us are often taken for granted. We should look back and learn. We should take heed of what has happened and hope that we can rebuild and find new and different ways to move forward.

All throughout history there have been natural disasters and plagues that have destroyed mankind and resulted in the mass loss of human lives. This one is no different. The spread of Covid-19 has moved quickly on a global…

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