Sending a Virtual Hug

Embracing This Storm

A simple hug is so powerful. The connection, the warmth and the feeling of support when someone puts their arms around you. Whether its family, loved ones, friends or colleagues, it shows that someone cares through the comfort of purely pulling you in for a body squeeze.

Now when I run into someone I care about it feels slightly awkward. My natural instinct is to step in with my arms outstretched. There’s a moment when you just kind of smile and almost lean in without touching. It’s not the same.

Then there are the people I should have seen, spent time with or travelled to over the past several months. We have spent time on FaceTime or Zoom calls to keep the connection alive and personal, but we haven’t been in the same room now for so very long. We laugh about sending a virtual hug to each other, and…

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