Covid makes the distance feel real…

Embracing This Storm

When I moved to the United Kingdom from Australia it was on a whim. One moment it was an idea, and the next it was happening.

I was single, a little lost, and looking for some adventure. I didn’t think it would be long term.

Thirteen years later I’m still here, but now married with a gorgeous son, pets and a mortgage.My life is here… my love, my lifestyle, my career and my friends.

The distance back home to Australia has always been present but never a barrier. When I’ve needed to, I’ve flown home, even at short notice. I’ve maintained regular vists to my family and friends, and I’ve had my mum here every year. My brother, his wife and my amazing nephews were actually here with us in the UK until December last year. They beat the pandemic and moved back to Queensland in December.

Now that distance…

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