Housework Humdrum?

Embracing This Storm

Having worked at home since February this year (yes over 6 months) everything now centres around our home. Work, study, childcare, family – and these worlds are colliding. Thanks Covid!

Keeping up with housework is now just one more thing to add to that list.

I’ll be honest. I don’t like housework. I dislike cleaning. I especially don’t enjoy washing sheets or re-making beds. To add to that, I do not iron. In fact, I deliberately buy clothes that don’t need ironing. My son’s school shirts need to be iron-free for sure!

Nowadays, my son (who is just turned four) is in the house most of the day, and he’s not exactly into cleaning up after himself. Thankfully the weather has been generally alright, although the odd wet weather means we have wet shoes and paw prints tracking through our house. There is also a delightful trail of crumbs around…

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