What happened to my world?

Embracing This Storm

Guest Blog by Grant Leishman

To paraphrase a famous American politician – March 12th 2020 is a day that shall live in infamy!

Nah, not really!

In fact, March 12th 2020 was a pretty special day for me and mine. You see, that was the day my beautiful wife celebrated her 60th Birthday (a milestone to be sure!) and it was also the last time our family was all together in one place. Her children had gone to great effort and I have no doubt, expense to organize something incredibly special to mark this milestone in this wonderful woman’s life. Sadly, all to no avail. The insidious, creeping, threat of the Coronavirus was stalking us and by the time Thess’ birthday rolled around, we were pretty reticent about going anywhere or doing anything that might expose us to risk, especially since we are both of such “advanced”…

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