Puzzle me this…

Embracing This Storm

Put away that Netflix remote or your iPad, and bring out the puzzle! Tell me, when was the last time you really tried a new puzzle!

I’m talking about a realpuzzles… at least 1000 pieces. This may be tame for many, but for me, someone who will never claim to be a puzzle-master, this provides the perfect evening challenge and distraction. It allows me to switch off my brain to do something different at the end of each day!

In the midst of these restrictions, and whilst I’m still cautious about social activities outside of our four walls, this is a different kind of entertainment, and certainly gets my brain working in different ways. My husband and I started doing puzzles during lockdown as a kind of home date night. But really you could do this alone, as an entire family, or like us, as a couple over a…

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