Another online delivery?

Embracing This Storm

The post office now have me on their preferred customer list I’m sure. I’m on a first name basis with our local delivery company. I have certainly got my money’s worth out of my Amazon Prime membership this year!

Who else out there has become ‘online shopping addicted’ since lockdown?

Even with the shops re-opening, the convenience of ordering, delivery within a few days (sometimes the same day!) and then returning what you don’t need has made me question whether I’ll ever just browse along a high street again…

The convenience is one thing, when you can browse and shop at anytime that works for you, without worrying about parking, sore feet or crowds of people. What also works for me is the ability to search and find online specials, comparisons and product types, tagging several in different browser tabs. Saves you trekking about from shop to shop. You have…

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