Who has their ‘staycation’ booked?

Embracing This Storm

Given everything we have been through this year, don’t we all deserve a holiday?

I love travel, I love exploring new places, and most of all, I love getting on a plane and going to somewhere new and exciting, full of culture and new experiences. This year I was meant to go ‘home’ to Australia, and I was also booked to go to Barcelona, The Netherlands, Scotland and Greece. Told you I love my travel! 🙂

Lucky for us, we got in early (December in fact) to book a cheeky summer vacation break in Cornwall for August 2020. Of all the holidays we had planned this year, our Cornwall holiday was the only constant amidst all the cancellations. It has been my shining light throughout lockdown. All through the closures of schools, shops, hotels, holiday homes, workplaces, and my beloved travel plans, I remained ever-hopeful that by August we would…

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