Oh, The Good Ol‘ Days by Melanie Smith

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Oh, The Good Ol‘ Days by Melanie Smith

When I was growing up, if someone said retro… It conjured images of the 50’s or the 60’s. Car hops with girls in short skirts or tight shorts wearing skates as they balance a tray full of take-out in one hand and a notepad in the other. Or, classic cars, glass mugs full of root beer, drive-in theaters — and of course, the Beatles and Elvis.

It’s a little disconcerting to realize now days when you say retro — you could be talking about me. Okay, so I’m going to admit I’m an 80’s girl. I belong to the proud generation of big hair bands, leg warmers, shoulder pads, and bold colors. Aliens and the infamous DeLorean dominated the box office and teenagers were “Living on a Prayer”. Life was good — seriously, we had ghetto blaster’s (boomboxes) powered by batteries. Teenagers…

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