The Goalkeeper’s Love of the Penalty – Mansel Jones

Mom's Favorite Reads

I could have been a contender. In my youth I was a goalkeeper for a below-average team that lost most of its matches. But because we were no good my goalkeeping prowess was often on display and quite often the coaches of the teams who beat us would come up to me after the game and ask me to join them. Yet, I stayed loyal to my local no-hopers and played the game for what it was, fun.

Then there was the school kick-around with some teachers that effectively ended my ‘career’. One teacher was very competitive. Challenging for a 50-50 ball he went over the top and shattered my knee. I could probably sue him for millions if it happened today. An operation repaired my knee to some extent, but it left a weakness there and I was unable to kick the ball any great distance. Also, after a…

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