Make the switch to Clean Eating!

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Since exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, eating well should be part of your daily lifestyle, not experimenting with latest diet craze. Clean eating is eating by planning out your day, or even your whole week. Mindfulness, organization, and consideration will make decision making so much easier. Cooking and packing your food for the future will guarantee success. By choosing these practices on a daily basis, your goal will be reached sooner, and your body its healthiest ever.

Clean Eating Principles:

✓ Eat 5 –6 small meals every day

✓ Eat every 3 hours

✓ Combine a protein & complex carbohydrate at every meal

✓ Have a fruit and/or vegetable at every meal

✓ Have 5 –9 fruits and vegetables every day

✓ Never miss a meal, especially breakfast

✓ Try to make breakfast your biggest meal and dinner your smallest

✓ Stick to proper portion sizes and no super sizing!

✓ Read food labels and educate yourself on proper serving sizes

✓ Consume healthy fats in appropriate amounts

✓ Limit Saturated fats and Avoid trans…

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