How Far Away is Two Percent More?

Rick Amitin's Blog

9206449732_77b2527556_z Image via, courtesy of Stan

The two percent explanation has been around as long as I can remember. Just two percent separates winners from losers. Just two percent more could establish excellence from mediocrity. Two percent more might make the difference between wealth and  financial struggle.

It’s a great feeling to empty yourself. Hold nothing back. Give your all. Perhaps any feeling of disappointment after you have tried your hardest is a personal insight. If we can set aside accomplishment from worthiness we may solve a riddle. If I did my very best, but didn’t get the prize, should I feel depleted? If doing my best is the goal, no unacquired trophy, should control me. If I’m overly conflicted about notoriety or recognition I wonder if there might be energy to spare after all.

energy by Sean MacEntee flickr Image via, courtesy of Sean MacEntee

Energy, like desire, isn’t preregistered for either direction…

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