Welsh Wednesdays Review: “All For Freedom” by D.T. Davies

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D.T.A. Davies has written a heart-warming and inspiring tale of the strength of the human spirit. In “All for Freedom” he retells the story of his several esacpes from prisoner of war camps and his time in captivity and flight during World War 2. From Crete, to Austria, Yugoslavia and Italy, he gives amazing insight not only into the living conditions as prisoner, but also about the thought processes behind his admirable attitude in view of adversity and cruelty.
there are great anecdotes and much food for thought in this work.
Told with unpretentious prose as you’d expect him to tell it to you in a pub in Wales or at a family dinner, this is very engaging and moving.

You can meet the author at the Llandeilo Lit Fest on Sunday 30th April
at 2pm
at the Horeb Chapel, Cawdor Hotel

Eventbrite - Sgwrs rhwng DT Davies a chyd-awdur ei gyfrolau hunangofiannol am yr Ail Rhyfel Byd, Ioan Wyn Evans  £5,90 DT Davies.

Local WW2 veteran D…

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