READ MY MIND: A Magazine – The Contributors

Continuing on with our theme of this exciting, new magazine that is set to hit our inboxes on April 4th, today I would like to bring you a few details of the remaining authors and bloggers who are contributors to this publication.First cab off the rank today is ME! YAY ME! Yes, I am a contributor to this fine document. I’m assuming if you’re a reader of my blog, then there’s a fairly good chance you know who I am by now, but hey, we gotta play by the rules, so here are a few things you either did or didn’t know about me.NEW ZEALANDER AUTHOR GRANT LEISHMAN Hi, my name is Grant Leishman and I’m an author. I wasn’t always an author, you know. In another life, I was an accountant (boring old Grant) and in yet another life I was a journalist (yawn, almost as boring old Grant).Now, why did I become an author? Well, it was like this – when I turned fifty, I had a mid-late life crisis and realised my life totally sucked. So, I seriously considered running away and joining the circus – only problem with that is I am totally talentless. Instead, I decided to run away to a Pacific paradise (a bit like that other tortured soul we all know, Van Gogh). Unfortunately, I got a bit lost and, instead of ending up in Tahiti, or Fiji or some other South-Seas paradise, I ended up in the beautiful islands of The Philippines, writing each day to my heart’s content.Truth be told, when I was eight and my Mum asked me what I would be when I grew up, I told her I would be a famous author. Well, I finally grew up! Not famous yet – more infamous.AMERICAN AUTHOR TREVOR PACELLI My name is Trevor Pacelli. At age 5, I was the first in my extended family to be diagnosed with autism. Growing up autistic has been difficult, not only for mebut for my parents and sister. We’ve all had to learn about autism, and how to maintain a peaceful household. But now, since graduating high school, I published my first book about growing up on the spectrum, received my BA at Arizona State University, and started my own blog, where I post my own movie reviews with the intention of teaching others about autism. I have spoken at various elementary schools, bookstores, and other audiences, which were anxious to hear my story and learn about autism. The reason why I enjoy blogging and want to make my voice heard in this format is because it is much easier for me to make myself heard through writing than through spoken words, and because there are so many topics, such as movies, that I feel very strongly about and feel I need others to understand. I most want readers to feel inspired and motivated through my writing, and have a better perspective of the world we live in.BRITISH AUTHOR ANNELISA CHRISTENSEN I live in the heart of Sussex in the UK, passing my time taking photos of beautiful scenery, working as a laboratory technician in a local secondary school and being mother to four now grown-up children. It’s been a tough life but, always, in the background, has been the pleasure of writing as a net to mesh the difficult times with the better times, and to save my sanity when those times were at their worst. Until this last year, apart from blogging, I kept my writing purely for personal enjoyment.But, after winning an auction for a three-hundred-year-old trial transcript of a bold midwife – Elizabeth Cellier – who ably defends herself against a libel charge, I immersed myself into discovering everything I could about this fascinating woman, indulging my enjoyment of deep research. I soon realised I simply had to share this exciting story with the world! Far from ending my research there, whilst digging into Cellier’s life I

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