Young/Adult Fantasy – Dog of the Ancients by Tammy Berg (A Review)

Possibly the best thing about being a reviewer of Indie fiction is the immense diversity of material that crosses my desk and my Kindle. Before becoming an author and a reviewer, there is little doubt I would never, in a million years, picked up a children’s/young adult’s book like Dog of the Ancients and read it. I would have been poorer for having missed the experience.Dog of the Ancients is an absolutely charming little tale of animals, magic, and the underworld. In Dog of the Ancients, the animals have been put on Earth to guard and protect humans against evil. Josie has always had a special connection with the animals on her farm, but it is only when she reaches the point of believing they can communicate with her, that she actually realises she can talk to the animals and they can talk back to her. The author takes us on a journey meeting all the animals on the farm, each with their own unique identities and quirks from the plethora of cats right down to the field mice in the barn, every animal has a place in the grand scheme of things and every animal has purpose and dignity.Most special, to Josie, of all the animals, is her dog, Brodie. The connection she has with Brodie supersedes that of a normal human/pet bond and it is Brodie that first makes communication with Josie.With fairies, magical animals, and evil worms, this book has every element one looks for in a children’s or young adult’s fantasy novel. It is magical enough to be exciting and awe-inspiring. It is scary enough to make the young one’s take notice, but not frightening enough to scare them off.I loved the use of the “five-ever” tag in both the story and the blurb. Because it is so much longer than “four-ever”!This book is magical and if you have young one’s who like fantasy, rest assured they can read Dog of the Ancients, without getting terrified. There are plenty of life lessons to be imparted by these animals, fairies, and humans. A great story – want to read book 2 now.      Why not pop on over to my website and check out the hundreds of books I’ve already read and reviewed. Who knows, you might find your next exciting read there.

Source: Young/Adult Fantasy – Dog of the Ancients by Tammy Berg (A Review)


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