Nailgun Messiah – A Suspense Thriller by Jim Heskett (A Review)

Nailgun Messiah by Jim Heskett is the start of a series featuring Micah Reed.Reed is a character who is a little rough around the edges, with a very shady background, but someone who has turned his life around. After escaping a long-term federal prison sentence by turning and ratting on a Mexican Drug Cartel, Michael (Now Micah) entered the Witness Protection program. He’s on his own now though and working for a bail bondsman hunting and capturing fugitives. A recovering alcoholic, Micah has plenty of problems and personality issues, but, as a reader, you just know he is a “good-guy” at heart. I found Heskett’s introduction and description of Micah excellent. As a character who was to be the main protagonist in a series, it was important that we readers got to know him well, identify with his issues and feel empathy with him. Heskett did a great job of this.Nailgun Messiah sees Micah caught up in something out of his control when his new girlfriend, a drug mule, is forced to jettison a large supply of coke when she is busted. The coke’s owner wants it back and Micah is forced to take responsibility for the loss.Running from this he runs to the only family he feels he can still communicate with, his sister. Finding his sister trapped and brainwashed by some sort of cult, Micah determines to free her from this and rebuild their relationship.This is a good story and one I enjoyed. A couple of times I felt a need to suspend my belief especially when the cult’s leader was so immediately willing to accept Micah at face value into their little family of believers.This is an excellent novel and what looks like being the start of a great series. I’ve never read Jim Heskett before, but I’m sure I will be doing so again. Good job!Why not pop on over to my website and check out the many hundreds of books I’ve read and reviewed. Who knows, you might well find your next fantastic read, right there.

Source: Nailgun Messiah – A Suspense Thriller by Jim Heskett (A Review)


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