Ancient Illumination – A Science/Fantasy by Elaina J. Davidson (A Review)

At just over 70 pages on Kindle, Ancient Illumination by Elaina J. Davidson is either a long short story or a short novella. Either way, it is jammed pack full of action, characters that one can relate to and the sort of decisions and situations we all hope we are never faced with.When their world Drakonis is threatened with extinction through violent volcanic eruptions and a creeping ice sheet, five young friends are drawn together by their “leader” a young woman called Brennan, who must lead them to the mystical Castle Drakon, where it is rumoured a way off Drakonis is to be found. Along the way, they must face trials and situations they are unprepared for and suffer deep losses. These young people are the last chance for their species to survive, but there are questions to be resolved and dilemmas to answer before such survival is possible.What impressed me most about this short story was the amount of story that was actually managed to be packed into it. I really enjoyed the tale and the characters and found myself rooting hard for them. I don’t want to give any spoilers here except perhaps to say that all may not be what it seems. This is a great, little book to dip your toes into a fantasy story and to see if the genre resonates with you. I enjoyed it also because it is another example of the fertile and creative mind of Elaina J. Davidson, an author I am rapidly coming to appreciate and enjoy.Please feel free to pop on over to my website, where you can check out the literally hundreds of books I have read and reviewed. Who knows? You may find your next fantastic read among the many wonderful books I’ve been privileged to read.

Source: Ancient Illumination – A Science/Fantasy by Elaina J. Davidson (A Review)


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