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Are you fated to find your fantasy lover in these seductive,

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Featuring Arcane: A Curse Workers Novella by Erzabet Bishop



betrayal and maybe a battery-operated boyfriend


done with men. But someone needs to tell her wolf.


Laurel’s Alpha female is found murdered and her Alpha turns up missing, the

Briarwood Pack is turned upside down. An unwanted blast from Laurel’s romantic

past puts her to the test as the fine line between love and hate is redefined.

If she can keep herself alive. Love can be murder…unless it saves your life.


hunky boys with a knack for the dead need love too…


his roommate back from the dead and his future as Montelier College of

Witchcraft and Arcane Sciences new necromancer on staff on hold after his mentor’s

murder, James Merryweather finds himself looking for answers in the one place

he never thought to find them. And when a chance encounter leads him to his

heart’s desire, will he have the strength to claim the woman he loves before

she’s ripped from his arms forever?



the matter?”




didn’t meet me for coffee. I was afraid you’d changed your mind.” His eyes

locked with hers and they stopped moving. Her breath locked in her chest and

all she could do was stare at his full and supremely kissable lips.


sorry. Pack business.”


something had passed between them in the garden at the school. Something that

made her want to explore this attraction, even if it was just to get it out of

her system.


made it to the edge of the labyrinth in less time than she thought with no sign

of the others. Her wolf rolled beneath her skin, desire for him pooling in her

lady bits. The urge for some full on revenge sex to show him what he’d been

missing out on sizzled through her, but as he reached out to touch her cheek,

she found herself leaning forward.


wolf cheered.


He brushed a stray strand of hair from the side of her face. “I thought I’d

never see you again. Not that I didn’t deserve that after what I did to you.”


she blurted out, heat creeping up her cheeks. “I really wanted to see you.” And

she had. Memories of their first and only chaste kiss as a teenager had grown

into a bittersweet remembrance and she wondered what his lips tasted like now.



nibbled on her lip, aware of her own body tightening in response to his heated

gaze. Her wolf circled beneath her skin, as anxious to test their connection as

she was.




couldn’t she form a coherent thought other than the dirty ones infiltrating her

mind? Her wolf wanted him to throw her to the ground, tear off her jeans and

mount him. Right here. Right now. She glanced down to find the hard ridge of

his arousal evident against his jeans and she swallowed, her fingers itching to

work the zipper and feel him against her palm.


the hell was wrong with her?


hmm.” He leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers. “It is.”

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