Some Country Romance – A Heart’s Promise by Corrissa James (A Review)

A Heart’s Promise by Corrissa James doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is, a simple, sweet romance set in the heartland of America, horse and cattle country.The characters are well-drawn, if somewhat stereotypical. Trish is a determined, feisty, beautiful, young woman, whose dream and goal in life is to run and own a horse-training ranch. A quirk of fate throws her into a meeting with the gorgeous but somewhat enigmatic Dalton, who just happens to be about to undertake the renovation and restoration of the old family horse and cattle ranch, just outside of town. The chemistry between them is instant and electric, but with both of them being strong-minded and strong-willed there is always the opportunity for conflict between the pair. Although they cannot deny their attraction, there is ever present the employer/employee relationship to guard. Lurking in Trish’s background is the abusive ex-boyfriend, the “bad boy” Bruce. This mix makes for an exciting and at times fraught romance.This is a simple, story, but one that is well told and easy to read, within its genre. As a romantic adventure in the modern-day cow country, it is a definite winner. I enjoyed reading a pleasant romance, with enough sexual tension to keep you interested throughout. If this is your favorite type of read, I know you will enjoy A Heart’s Promise. I can definitely recommend it.Why not pop on over to my website and check out the many hundreds of books I have personally reviewed. Who knows? You may find your next great read there.

Source: Some Country Romance – A Heart’s Promise by Corrissa James (A Review)


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