Love and Cuddles from Teddy & Lily by Lily Amis (A Review)

What can you say about this simply, yet beautifully, illustrated book for children, that is really for each and every one of us. Yes, I can truly picture reading Teddy and Lily to any of my eleven grandchildren, at bedtime, but the message contained within the pages of this book is not restricted to age. The love of a stuffed toy (especially a favourite teddy bear) transcends gender, culture, age and education. A Teddy Bear is the universal symbol of love and cuddles and that is exactly what it feels like to read Lily Amis’ fantastic story (based on her own experiences). It feels like you are being wrapped up in the loving arms of your Teddy. Teddy & Lily is fundamentally a book about the values of love, friendship, respect, equality, and trust. It manages to convey these strong human emotions in a sweet, simple, and beautiful story.One of the many great things about this book is the perspective from which the tale is told. The story is related through the eyes of Teddy.From a souvenir shop in Singapore’s Changi Airport, where Teddy waits on the shelves for that someone special to choose him, through to still being Lily’s best friend twenty years later, we can follow the life of young Lily, a refugee from war-torn Iran and her mother as they seek out a new life on the other side of the world, in Switzerland.Teddy is privy to and shares in all their moments of happiness and many moments of sadness and despair.Look, this is a fabulous story to read to, or to have your children read, but it is equally wonderful for adults to read and remind themselves why they should still strive, every single day, to be happy and to do good for others.As you may have guessed by now, I fell in love with Teddy & Lily and can’t wait to read more on their adventures. A wonderful effort by Ms. Amis.

Source: Love and Cuddles from Teddy & Lily by Lily Amis (A Review)


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