Dystopian Great Britain! Subnormal a Novel by Stuart Kenyon (A Review)

Subnormal by Stuart Kenyon is absolutely my type of book. I’m not a conspiracy theory nut, by any means, but I love the idea of a supposedly “democratic” government going totally haywire and attempting some sort of mind-control over its populace, for “the greater good”. In Subnormal, the first of a three-part series on this topic, Kenyon introduces us to a strange group of characters, who for various reasons have been declared “subnormal” by the state. These characters will play an unlikely part in defeating a rampant, out-of-control Government, that has imposed its will on the people, not by force of argument, but by more devious means – all for the “greater good” of Great Britain, determined to put the Great back into Great Britain (now where have we heard that before?The characters, who have been declared subnormal and are shipped off to what is essentially a forced labour prison, to make a contribution to the British society, slowly become aware of what is being done, not only to them but to the rest of Britain as well. The “subnormals” decide it is up to them to fight back and expose the Government for the lying, cheating, bastards they really are.I loved all of the characters in Subnormal, but most especially I had a soft spot for Paul, the young man with Asperger’s syndrome, but also the uncanny ability to solve problems with logic and common sense. Having worked alongside someone (also named Paul) with this syndrome, I could fully identify with the character traits and little peculiarities that Kenyon pulled out of his character. He clearly has a first-hand understanding of the character. What I found particularly insightful, especially for readers who have never encountered Asperger’s before was Kenyon allowing us inside Paul’s mind and showing us his thought processes, so totally different from our own, yet so illuminating.I don’t want to go overboard on this aspect, as it is only a small part of the overall story, but it helps me to illustrate just what an excellent job Kenyon has done in this book.This is a great thriller and I found it riveting (unable to stop reading, even when I knew I should). I highly recommend this, if you like thrillers, with real applicability to the current environment we citizens of the world find ourselves in today.This book is worth every one of the five stars I’ve given it. Do pop on over to my website and check out the hundreds of books I have reviewed. You may even find your next, great read there. http://www.grantleishman.com/book-reviews1.html

Source: Dystopian Great Britain! Subnormal a Novel by Stuart Kenyon (A Review)


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