After a brief hiatus to catch up on pressing business, we’re back to our fantastic series highlighting some of the truly amazing Indie Authors out there in today’s marketplace – INDIE AUTHORS OF EXCELLENCE, in other words. Today I want to focus on another one of my superb author colleagues in the ALLIANCE OF SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHORS (ASPA). His name is Stuart Kenyon and he writes gritty, hard, almost dystopian stories set in the vicious and unforgiving streets of English cities.I have read one of his books (Swiftly Sharpens the Fang) and am halfway through my second (Subnormal).Stuart is an incredibly gifted author and the tales he tells not only pull no punches, they are eerily predictive as we look around at current events. I know you’ll love his work as much as I do.WHO IS STUART KENYON:Stuart lives in Greater Manchester, England with his wife and two young children. Despite wanting to pen a novel since reading English Literature at the University of Salford, he didn’t start writing until 2014. He released the third and final part of his SUBNORMAL series in May 2016, and has plans for a number of other novels in the future. Stuart prefers to write in public places, tapping away as the world passes by, and he plots his stories whilst out walking the dog. He has always enjoyed reading disturbing tales which explore the darkness at the heart of the human condition, and his characters are devised with this in mind.STUART’S PORTFOLIO:1/ SUBNORMAL:Imagine a utopia where every person has a purpose and not a single life is wasted.Britain has become a hive-like world, with even the weakest and most vulnerable playing their part in the nation’s transformation. Crime is low, employment high. But all is not quite as it seems. Though the revolution was quiet and bloodless, countless lives have been torn apart before our very eyes. Whilst the silent majority are mysteriously duped into collaboration, dissenters are ignored or punished. Democracy, civil liberties, and equality are replaced by corruption, discrimination, and segregation.Paul, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, knows slavery in the Zone is intrinsically unnatural. His first personal rebellion at Industrial Zone Four is crushed and he is forced to suffer alone for years in silence. Until his younger brother, Tommy, is also declared “subnormal” and sent to the Zone following an accident.Allied with a handful of fellow Zoners and free-thinkers from the outside world, the brothers defy the powers-that-be. Can they beat the odds and restore to the British people a freedom few can remember?CHARITY DONATION WITH EVERY PAID ORDER!!!NOW INCLUDES PROLOGUE OF SEQUEL SUPERNORMAL!2/ SUPERNORMAL:Nearly half a decade has passed since Paul Kelly and his friends ousted dictator Alison Latham. The deposed Prime Minister and her Unity lackeys are in prison, and after years of war, the people of Great Britain are finally starting to recover.Former Zoner Paul and his surviving Rebel allies crave a normal life, free from the persecution and oppression they suffered before their emancipation.



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