An Epic Fantasy – Ilfin of Arc by Elaina J. Davidson (A Review)

Ilfin of Arc by Elaina J Davidson was described to me as an “epic fantasy” and wow, an epic fantasy it surely was. I’ve stayed away from fantasy/sci-fi books in the past, but after reading Ilfin of Arc, I’m not sure why.Fantasy gives the writer so much more freedom with the characters and the world they live in, whilst still retaining the important essence of what a novel should do, entertain us, but also make us ask serious questions about the big issues in life. Ilfin of Arc does just that.Davidson has created a world, with characters not unlike ourselves, but with the addition of magic, talents, and some pretty cool technology she has given us a rollicking adventure through time and space.At its core, Ilfin of Arc is a romance and there is plenty of romantic interaction to keep anyone happy. The questions of intermarriage and interbreeding between the two main species form much of the subplot of the story, which I did find fascinating.This is also an action story though and the initial flight from the dangers of a rogue asteroid expected to collide with the planet, for the supposed safety of the region of Arc, soon morphs into a planetary fight for survival between the two arch-enemies who inhabit the planet Massin, the Ilfin and the Glonu. Ultimately, the question has to be asked, can the two species ever live side-by-side in peace.This is a long book, a good, solid 450 odd pages on Kindle and to my mind, that’s what an epic fantasy should be. I enjoyed the opportunity to get deep into the characters and their incredible adventures. Ultimately Ilfin of Arc ranks as one of the more enjoyable books I have read recently and as such have no hesitation in giving it a five-star review.I look forward to reading more from Davidson’s pen in the near future. She has conjured up a great fantasy world to enchant the imagination.Do pop on over to my website at any time and check out the hundreds of reviews I have done. Who knows, you may find your very next read there.

Source: An Epic Fantasy – Ilfin of Arc by Elaina J. Davidson (A Review)


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