Nikka (The Redemption of wist #0.5) A Review

Nikka is a simple short story, set in a fantasy world created by Gilchrist.The main character Nikka is a dark, dwarf, who is held captive as a slave, deep underground, melding rock with his hands. One day, it all snaps and Nikka is determined to seek his freedom. Nothing else matters as Nikka claws his way slowly, but inexorably to the surface. I enjoyed the short tale. It probably serves and even better use for me, as an introduction to a new author and presumably a character I will come across in the book from Gilchrist I am reading currently, Tapasya (The Redemption of Wist #1). In that respect, it has done its job well and I am definitely excited to read more of this new world Gilchrist has created and more of this author. Nikka is short, easy to read and enjoyable.

Source: Nikka (The Redemption of wist #0.5) A Review


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