Adult Fairytales? Love it! Beauty’s Beast by Jess James (A Review)

Jess James’ Flirtatious Fairytales have become somewhat of a staple of mine these days when I’m looking for a quick, fun, and satisfying read. Beauty’s Beast is probably the fourth book of hers that I’ve read recently and like all the others I enjoyed it immensely.Not only are her grown-up fairy tales well written, but they truly are flirtatious and funny, as well as having the added bonus of some hot and steamy sex scenes. I know others have tried and given our most beloved fairytales an adult spin, but so far James’ versions are the ones that have appealed to me most. She seems to have found a niche market that readers were looking for and more power to her for that.In this iteration, it is the classic story of Beauty and the Beast that James has given her unique twist to. We meet Bella, who is virtually forced into servitude for Roman Bestia by the drunken gambling of her father, who has now lost their only possession left in the world, their house, to Mr Bestia.Bella and Roman are classic characters and true to the original idea of the Beauty and the Beast, with a slight twist, which I won’t spoil here.James’ flirtatious fairytales make no pretensions about being great literature, they are a fun, hot read and fulfill that role extremely well. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading another book from James that will blow away another illusion of my childhood. All good fun and well worth the five stars I’ve given it.       Please do check out all my hundreds of reviews here on my website. Who knows, you might just find your next, exciting read among the many books I’ve read.

Source: Adult Fairytales? Love it! Beauty’s Beast by Jess James (A Review)


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