A Review: Alex E. Carey’s Fire’s Love

When I first began reading Fire’s Love by Alex Carey, I was taken by the simplicity of the language, but then I reminded myself that this was a Young Adult fantasy tale and I was anything but a young adult. Once I put myself fully into the genre, I really began to appreciate the story that Carey was developing here and turning into a series. I became very enamoured with her main protagonists, Kira and her two demon friends Lowell and Pyre. The premise of the story is straightforward. Kira, a very intelligent sixteen-year-old, with a troubled past is heading off to College and ready for a new beginning. She meets Lowell and Pyre, two demons who live on Earth and have a mission. Kira, a girl who has always been fascinated by demons is excited and thrilled to finally realise that not only are demons real, but she is living amongst them.All is not well for the trio though as they face problems from both other demons and life in general.At its core, this book is a sweet romance that can teach us a lot about prejudice, about snap judgements and about forgiveness.I found the young characters to be extremely well drawn and although Kira was portrayed at times as a lonely, lost, young woman, she displayed many of the characteristics of resilience, toughness and the ability to stand up for herself that we appreciate and applaud. Kira is a strong, yet sensitive girl who it is east to empathise with. I also enjoyed the two principal demon characters who were, in many ways, polar opposites, Lowell being the calming influence to Pyre’s fiery temper and impetuosity.In summary, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which reminded me why it is imperative to read outside your normal genres from time to time and understand the full gamut of the indie novels that are out there. If you love, fantasy, romance, a bit of magic and lots of teenage angst and conflict, then you’ll love Fire’s Love by Alex E. Carey, whether you’re a young adult or not.Fire’s Love is a winner in my book and well deserving of the five stars I’ve given it. Now, on to book two in the series; Earth’s Embrace. I can’t wait. Good job Ms. Carey.You can check out this and any of the hundreds of books I’ve reviewed, just by visiting my website here: http://www.grantleishman.com/book-reviews1.html

Source: A Review: Alex E. Carey’s Fire’s Love


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