It’s a New Genesis! The Birth of a Novel!

I’m sure one of the most common questions asked of authors when people realise they have written books is, “where do your story ideas come from?” I know I’ve been asked that question a lot, especially as it relates to certain books I’ve written. For some authors, it is possibly quite a simple question. Some, well organised and methodical authors have their books well mapped out in advance, with plot lines and characters all either written down or buried in their head. Not for me that sort of careful planning, I’m afraid. When it comes to writing, I’m very much what is termed in the game, as a “pantser”. In other words, I write from the seat of my pants, with very little forethought or planning.In general terms, once I have an idea for a new story, I usually have a beginning in mind and an end. All that then needs to be worked out is that pesky, little bit in the middle. In other words, about ninety-five percent of the story.But, how do I come up with the idea in the first place? I know some authors who have an inexhaustible list of story ideas. I envy them greatly. They are either more creative and more imaginative than me or maybe they just are better organised. Whatever is the answer, for me, the end of one book marks the beginning of the soul-searching of what to write next.In a recent blog, I explained how I came up with the story idea for my first novel, The Second Coming. Once I’d decided that the book was actually going to be a trilogy, I had no problems knowing what my next two books would be; number two and number three, Rise of the AntiChrist and Holy War, obviously. For me, the real problems came when I was finished the trilogy and wondering what on earth I was going to write next.It was totally chance that saw the genesis of my most successful novel, to date, The Photograph. I didn’t consider horror or the supernatural to be my genre, although I had written some short stories in that general area when putting together Paranormal Alley with my son.One day I just happened to eavesdrop on a conversation on Facebook, between a friend of mine, Colin and someone I wasn’t acquainted with, by the name of Tony.Tony was telling Colin that when cleaning up, he’d discovered an old roll of undeveloped film from the 1970’s. Colin was fascinated and wanted to know what might be on it. Tony was less keen, however, to pursue the idea. He suggested that it had been a time in his life that he wasn’t that keen on revisiting. He’d rather not be reminded of certain things from back then, he’d said. It certainly got me to thinking, though. What might be on that film? It didn’t take me long at all to start making up all sorts of scenarios of what he might find on that film if and when he developed it.From that innocuous, little discussion I eavesdropped on, I suddenly had a head full of weird and wild propositions. Obviously not all those ideas actually made it into The Photograph, but the more I thought about what might be on that film, the more outlandish my ideas became and before you knew it I was writing my first supernatural, psychological, horror/thriller novel.One thing I can absolutely say is that writing in this genre I did find extremely satisfying. It allowed for a lot more creativity than say writing a straight romance.And now, here I am again, wondering what next. I haven’t written a w

Source: It’s a New Genesis! The Birth of a Novel!


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