Is This The End? Or Is This Eternity? The Second Coming Trilogy

I thought today, I might give you a little story on my pride and joy – THE SECOND COMING trilogy.The Second Coming was my first ever novel. It was never intended to be a trilogy, but as I came toward the end of the book, I realised there was just so much more about these exciting characters that I still wanted to share. Jesus (JC), Maria, Adonis, Gabs, Ronnie and all the other modern-day Disciples had gotten into my bloodstream, so by the time the book was completed, I was ready and raring to go with the sequel – Rise of the AntiChrist. I’m often asked why I wrote The Second Coming in the first place. That is a story in itself.When I had finally convinced myself that I was a writer and that I was capable of actually writing a novel, if I truly put my mind to it, the next problem I faced was what to write about. Basically, I had no idea what sort of book I wanted to write.I had a look around the current best-seller’s at the time and one book, in particular, stood out as something that interested me. It was called, The First Phone Call from Heaven, by Mitch Albom.Two things struck me immediately; 1/ God Sells! and 2/ With my background, I had enough knowledge of Christianity to write something along a similar line. I was determined, however, that my book would not be a “religious” book. I wanted to write something a bit offbeat, a little humorous, but still with a strong message about good and evil as well as morality. The Second Coming was born. Why did I set it in The Philippines? Well, that’s where I live now and I wanted to base it here for that reason alone, but more importantly and Michael expanded on this in the book. If there was a country anywhere in the world where the Second Coming of Jesus Christ would not only be accepted but warmly embraced, I strongly believed it was this enclave of over 7,000 Islands in the South China Sea. With their unshakeable beliefs in God, the Church, and family, I felt Filipinos would embrace the idea of a returning saviour.If you loved the “LEFT BEHIND” series – you’ll love “THE SECOND COMING” trilogy!THE SECOND COMING:God looks down on Earth and is disgusted with what he sees his creation has become. He decides that humanity is a failed experiment and he orders Earth and humanity destroyed. He will start again from scratch. JC, however, intervenes and requests one more opportunity to turn humanity around. He is given one year to see if he can make a significant difference. “The Second Coming” begins with Jesus (JC to his friends) in an induced coma in a Manila hospital after having been hit by a bus, losing his memory in the process. The book follows the exploits of Jesus and his “disciples” as they seek to firstly recover his memory and then embarking on a mission of saving humanity from the brink. The action takes us from Manila to Davao, back to Manila and then off to Pangutaran Island in the Sulu Sea, as JC and his “disciples” seek to make a difference.There is interwoven into the story the burgeoning romance between Jesus (Jose Christian Castillo or JC for short) and his number one “Disciple” Maria Lyn Manyanan (Ma for short). Ultimately it is the romance that is the center of this novel; the setting and the characters are just the clothes horse on which the story is hung.RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST:”Rise of the AntiChrist” is the sequel to “The Second Coming. It focuses on the Castillo family as a whole, but more especially on the two twin children of Jesus Christ (JC) and Maria Manyanan-Castillo (Ma), Damien and Samantha; one or both of w

Source: Is This The End? Or Is This Eternity? The Second Coming Trilogy


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