Do You Have Big Enough Cajones To Stroll Down Paranormal Alley?

PARANORMAL ALLEY – Why’s This Book So Special?Paranormal Alley is a book that’s dear to my heart. Its creation came about through a series of events and conversations with my twenty-four-year-old son, Chris, who can’t seem to decide whether he wants to be a screenwriter, a comic book creator or a novelist. I remember berating him one day about his lack of commitment to any one of the above. I suggested that because he couldn’t seem to commit to following one particular field, with some passion, he was actually achieving very little in all three.His immediate response was to hit back (wonder where he got that from – must’ve been his Mother, I guess). His exact words were; “yeah, it’s so easy for you. You write full-time and I’ve got to squeeze my writing in between earning a living and having a life.”That did resonate with me and I felt immediate empathy with his plight. He was dead right! I was very fortunate to be able to live my dream, without having to worry about where the next loaf of bread came from. Incidentally, now would be the appropriate time to thank my gorgeous wife Thess for allowing me the opportunity to do exactly that. Thank you, my darling! You are my hero and my superstar and I love you to bits.So, I thought on about Chris’ comment and finally, it hit me, like a bullet between the eyes! Chris had always told me he’d written quite a few short stories, in the past, but had never managed to expand them into anything more.Why not put together an anthology of short stories, I thought. He could write half of them and I’d write the other half. When I suggested this to him, he was ultra-enthusiastic.”I’ve already got at least five I can send you Dad,” was his immediate response. We quickly determined to put fourteen stories together in one volume, seven from him and seven from me. Once we had made the decision to go ahead with the project, he immediately sent me his first five stories, followed not long behind by two more he’d just written. Now, the pressure was on me! Not only did I have to edit his seven stories, I actually had to write seven of my own and in a genre, I wasn’t particularly familiar with – Horror/Paranormal.Ye Gods! was my first reaction. Of course, Chris was relentless after this.”How’re you going, Dad? Have we got fourteen stories yet? Come on you slack bugger, what are you doing? Clearly, I had to perform, so I sat down and wrote my seven stories, over the next couple of weeks. By the time we had the full selection completed and put together, I was suitably impressed. What excited me the most was just how different our two writing styles were and how uniquely his generation, his stories were, compared to mine. I guess it was just the age-gap thing, but what I realised was my version of Paranormal/Horror was totally different to his. Mine was more what I might call conventional.A little concerned, I ran a couple of my stories past a friend of mine, who writes in this genre. He assured me, thankfully, that my stories were great and definitely garnered the right “fright” response from him when he read them. I liked Chris’ stories also, but they were definitely different in perspective, language, style, and plot from mine. This convinced me we had a very suitable product to bring to the market.We had created an anthology that offered something d

Source: Do You Have Big Enough Cajones To Stroll Down Paranormal Alley?


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