Angel Ramon Medina – He’s Today’s Indie Author of Excellence

I first came across Angel Medina when he sent me an unsolicited email asking me if I’d like to read the draft of his first novel – The Thousand Year War and comment on it.I like to help as many Indie authors as I can, so I assured him I’d be happy to cast my eye over it. I certainly wasn’t overly impressed by what he’d sent me and I told him so. There was a good story in there somewhere, but there was some work to be done to tidy up his writing before I considered it would be sellable. I certainly wasn’t Angel’s target demographic for his stories, so I wasn’t too concerned that I didn’t find the story much to my taste. I just felt he had a lot of work to do to get it to the point where readers could appreciate. To Angel’s credit, he did the work and tidied up his draft. What impresses me the most is that in a very short time, he’s now turned that initial novel into a trilogy and published all three plus a combined issue of the full trilogy. This man is a driven author and for that reason alone, I’m happy to include him in my series on Indie Authors of Excellence.So, who is Angel Medina or perhaps Angel Ramon or perhaps it’s Angel Ramon Medina? He seems to go by all of those names in various places all over the web.WHO IS ANGEL MEDINA?Hello, my name is Angel Ramon and I am in my mid-twenties and have a long writing career ahead of me. The books I have written are only a few of the many I plan to write. One cool fact that you must know about me is that I’m a talented medium and can see things that normal humans aren’t able to see! I own a business in Salinas Puerto Rico where I fix computers, help people with their resumes and I even do websites. I even give advice to other writers. I’m working with a fellow aspiring author with his ideas and editing his work. The Thousand Years War Series has already been published to Ebook reader publishers and even though these are my very first books, I’ve always been a bookworm. I have a certificate or participation from VSA arts for a short story I wrote for them back in High School. I have always been an avid writer since Junior High School. I enjoy science fiction to the point that I’m hooked on it. Right now I’m in a complicated relationship so I’m kinda open for relationships. but I’d rather spend my time on my writing career. Me and my current girlfriend are still trying to work things out so I’ll get back to you my fans when I’m open again. I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York and I enjoyed my childhood which included playing outside with my childhood friends and of course playing ding dong ditch.Then I decided to move to the home country of my father, in Puerto Rico. On the side or my day job is running a home business where I fix computers, do business cards and posters, help people with resumes and doing websites. I love writing and by the way, I have my own Facebook page promoting my book. Hobbies include computer repair, going to the beach, going on risky trips and I’m a huge New York Yankees baseball fan. I’m also a big New York Giants football fan. When I’m not writing I’m out by the beach, home-improvement on my house I just bought last year and really just going out in the wild finding new places to explore. I like to go out when I get the chance, especially to a baseball game.ANGEL’S PORTFOLIO:1/ THE THOUSAND YEARS WAR: Four people in Brooklyn N.Y.

Source: Angel Ramon Medina – He’s Today’s Indie Author of Excellence


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