The Girl With the Golden Eye by Fionna Guillaume (A Review)

A number of Fionna Guillaume’s books that I have read have been what I would call historical erotica. I find this idea to be a wonderful niche market in the erotica world. The Girl with the Golden Eye is just such a book.Set 5,000 years ago, we meet a simple potter’s daughter, who is disfigured by a group of men who seek to rape her. Her eye is cut out by one of the men as punishment for refusing them. Her father models a clay eye as a replacement, which he paints golden. The eye gives her an extra sense to see the future, but only when she is at the height of orgasm. As a seer, she gains a great reputation far and wide as a wise woman who can see the future. Her life is now useful and complete, except she longs for a lover who will love her for herself and not for her abilities to see the future.This was a wonderful, little story, that I enjoyed very much. Straight out erotica can sometimes be a little boring, but in Guillaume’s hands, these historical erotica stories become a fascinating glimpse into life thousands of years ago. Combining erotica with a historical perspective is a great idea and I congratulate Guillaume on her imagination and fantastic books. Great job and worth the full five stars because of it.Please feel free to pop on over to my website and check out the hundreds of books I have reviewed. Who knows, you may find your next wonderful reading experience there.

Source: The Girl With the Golden Eye by Fionna Guillaume (A Review)


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