Ian Saul Whitcomb – Who’s He? An INDIE AUTHOR OF EXCELLENCE

Today, I’d like to introduce you to another of my fellow authors who are part of the Alliance of Self-Published Authors (ASPA) As I’ve explained before, ASPA is a group of like-minded Indie Authors whose sole purpose is to support each other. A number of ASPA members are erotic authors and today’s Indie Author of Excellence, Ian Saul Whitcomb, is one of those. I’ll be honest. Before I joined ASPA I would never have dreamed of reading erotica. It simply didn’t interest me. I’m pleased to say that becoming an author myself has truly opened up my eyes to all literary genres, many of which I’d never considered before, including erotica.I’ve read a couple of Ian Whitcomb books so far and the thing that has impressed me the most (apart from the hot and steamy erotic scenes) is that Ian has a good backstory to his novels and certainly the two stories I’ve read thus far were based around topics that are not often covered in any literature, let alone erotic literature. I find this author’s books to have a wider appeal beyond just those people who read for the pure erotica.Please Note: Ian Saul Whitcomb writes erotica. If erotica is likely to offend you, please do not read on.WHO IS IAN SAUL WHITCOMB?Somewhere between Mexico and Canada, not too far from the centerline of the U.S., Ian Saul Whitcomb spends his days writing, blogging, and occasionally tweeting, while struggling to fend off his mid-life crisis (under the theory that if he can postpone it till the age of sixty, the definition of “mid” means he’ll live to be a hundred and twenty). He also works for a large corporation, but tries not to think about that any more than he has to.IAN SAUL WHITCOMB’S PORTFOLIO:1/ BIG FLIPPING DEAL:When the sweet little old lady down the road dies and leaves Nick half ownership of her house, he really has no idea what he’s getting into. His co-owner, Lindsey, gives every appearance of being Nick’s dream girl … smart, talented, funny, and drop-dead gorgeous. But Lindsey has a secret.And when Nick finds out, his fantasies of dream-girl romance get turned upside-down.He’s already signed on to remodel the house with Lindsey and flip it for a big profit. They’re going to be in constant, almost daily contact. She’s absolutely perfect in every way but one. Only that one is a doozy.Will Nick be able to make things work with a woman whose equipment isn’t what he expected?Will Lindsey open up after a lifetime of misunderstandings and bigotry?Is this house flip headed for a happy ending … or a wrecking ball?Big Flipping Deal is an award-winning, highly charged erotic romance full of humor, heart, and the opening of minds. The story is intended for adult audiences only.2/ CONTRAST:He just wanted to cross the street and get some breakfast tacos while his car was in the shop. She just wanted to get home and sleep after a long night shift.But somehow, ten minutes after they bump into one another on the sidewalk, they’re in her bed together going at it like weasels.They both think it’s crazy. They both assume it can’t last. But somehow, weeks later, then months, they’re still obsessively, anonymously, voraciously wrapped up in each other.There are rules. No names. No personal details. Just blazing hot sex as often as they can manage it.So what happens when, despite their every effort and intent, it starts to mean something?3/ SEX

Source: Ian Saul Whitcomb – Who’s He? An INDIE AUTHOR OF EXCELLENCE


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