An Interview With The Prince of Darkness Himself

Well, today I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview one of the principal characters from the second and third books, of Grant Leishman’s Second Coming Trilogy; Rise of the AntiChrist and Holy War.Yes, it’s none other than the arch-enemy, the number one protagonist, the Devil himself. Welcome, Mr. Beelzebub. Now, you are known by a whole host of names; The Evil One, The Devil, Satan, The Prince of Darkness, Beelzebub, just to name a few. How would you prefer to be addressed in this interview?Why thank you for your kind introduction young fella. Yeah, they do certainly seem to have a ton of names for little ‘ole Bubba. Can’t says I’m that sure why that would be the case, but anyway, my friends like to call me Bubba and I’m just fine with that. You can call me SIR!____________________________________________________Ah okay. Sir, I note you don’t make your first appearance in the trilogy until the second book; Rise of the AntiChrist, why do you think that is? Right, so let’s be honest here. The only reason I wasn’t the star of this series is simply because of that trumped-up, little upstart, JC You know, just because he’s the son of God, everyone thinks the sun shines out of his backside. Well, let me tell you something for nothing. I’m twice the supernatural being that pumped-up jerk will ever be. Hey, just ask around. I have so much talents and so much ability. Everyone says how much ability and talent I have. All I want to do is make Earth great again. Is that too much to ask? Look, when I defeat JC and make no mistake, I’m going to beat him bigly, you are going to see some real action around this place. Mark my words – Bubba will bring back respect to humanity. Never mind that stupid trilogy – that juvenile JC, he’s toast and don’t get me started on that simpering offsider of his Archangel Michael. That guy’s not an Archangel’s butthole. Why, when I ran Heaven, Michael used to lick my boots and that’s the way it will be again.____________________________________________________Well, Sir, you do seem extremely confident of success in this Holy War. How do you plan to ensure that this type of conflagration never occurs again? If you defeat the Hosts of Heaven won’t they just regroup and attack again in the future? Now let me tell you – we’re going to build a wall between Heaven and Earth. It’s going to be a great wall. It’s going to be a wall humanity can be proud of. We have to stop this constant invasion of our territory by all these do-gooders from heaven. It’s not good for Earth and just confuses people.Yes, by golly, we will build a wall… and I’ll tell you what JC and his cronies, why, they’re gonna pay for it.____________________________________________________Sir, in Book Two of this series; in Rise of the AntiChrist, I believe, I understand that you groom and then seduce a young lady, before leading her into a life of debauchery. What do you say to the allegations from the media and others that you are just a misogynistic, atypical, dirty old man, pedophile, who should be locked away for the rest of his natural?

Source: An Interview With The Prince of Darkness Himself


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