PHOENIX! The Land of Peradon by Daccari Buchelli – A Review

Phoenix by Daccari Buchelli is a debut novel from this author and as such is an interesting and successful entry into the world of fantasy novels.One of the great things about fantasy novels is they often introduce us to new and exciting worlds, that the reader can enjoy. Phoenix is no exception to this and we are introduced to the world of Peradon, a land split into four kingdoms, based on the elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Ice, although the story principally takes place in two of the kingdoms: Fire and Ice.Phoenix introduces us to its two main characters; Princess Violetta Flame of the Fire Kingdom and Prince Ryore of the Ice Kingdom. As with all good fantasy novels, there are many excellent lessons to be learned from the story; lessons of leadership, morality, evil and the treatment of others.This book does an excellent job of introducing the characters and allowing us to identify with them. If anything, the characters could do with a bit more fleshing-out, however, for a first effort, I think Buchelli has created a very believable world and characters that one can empathise with. This is a good start to the series on Peradon and I look forward to what Buchelli can bring forward in Phoenix II, which I understand is in the works.A few things for the author to consider for Phoenix II, which were, at times, a little confusing in Phoenix I, would be to be clearer when the perspective changes, either in time-frame or character. The simple use of a line breaker such as * * * would certainly achieve that. At times in Phoenix I, there were unexpected jumps in time and character that made following the story a little difficult.All that having been said, as a debut novel, I found Daccari Buchelli’s, Phoenix to be an excellent read and one that has primed me for the next book in the series. Definitely four stars for this rising talent in the Indie world. Good job!    Please fell free to visit my website and check out the many hundreds of reviews of the books I have read over the past two years. Who knows, you might find your next great read amongst my reviews.

Source: PHOENIX! The Land of Peradon by Daccari Buchelli – A Review


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