It’s NATALIE BENNETT! – An Indie Author of Excellence

I am totally loving this opportunity to bring you some of the amazing indie authors I come into contact with on a daily basis. Today’s recipient of the Excellence in Indie Author award goes to a fellow member of my Books Go Social Authors group – BGS Fantasy/Paranormal and her name is NATALIE BENNETT!WARNING: These books are dark erotica – please do not read on if that is likely to offend you!WHO IS NATALIE BENNETT?Natalie Bennett has always been an avid fan of all things dark and twisted, so it only made sense for her to write what she loves. She brings to life unapologetic antiheroes you love to hate and strong heroines who refuse to be broken. Natalie writes Dark Paranormal & Dark Erotica with romantic elements. She doesn’t censor her writing and lets her stories tell themselves. If you pick up one of her books expecting a typical HEA, you won’t find one.Her books so far:Infernal Regions (Dark Paranormal Erotica)Darling Dark #1Darling Devastation #2Dark Devil #3- Release TBASordid Trilogy- Written under the pseudonym of B. Bennett (Dark Erotic Romance)Sordid Seduction- 1.20.17Sordid Mistress 4. 5. 17Mercy- Coming 2017NATALIE BENNETT’S PORTFOLIO!1/ MERCY:Everyone knows the story where the beautiful girl gets taken by a monster. The one where the monster ends up being some poor tortured soul with a fucked up past.Love prevails, and then they live happily ever fucking after.Well, this is my story and it isn’t a fairytale.I loved my monster too.But that was before he took me.My reality is dark.His demons are darker.*Mercy is NOT for the faint of heart! This is NOT a romance but it does have romantic elements*2/ DARLING DARK:*Warning: this book contains a deeply flawed unapologetic alpha male. He’s narcissistic, possessive, and more than a little deranged.*Trapped in a dark world inhabited by savages and ruled by the corrupted –Duvessa finds herself bound to a tyrant. Day in and day out she bears witness to just how cold and vicious her husband-to-be truly is. His iron fist rule strikes fear in the masses. Reyes is ruthless and volatile –he incites both fear and inexplicable passion among those in his wake. Just as her feelings for the seductively cruel Reyes begin to grow, she learns nothing is as it appears to be. With already so much to fear, could there be something darker, more sinister lying in wait?*Authors Note*As the second word of the title suggests, this book is DARK. If you have triggers this series is not for you. This book contains explicit sexual content, language, violence, and power exchange. This is NOT a romance.Darling Dark is the first book in a series. *This book has been reformatted and revised.3/ DARLING DEVASTATION:Power-Their dark hearts lusted for it.Three brothers hold the fate of the regions in the palm of their hands. What they have pla

Source: It’s NATALIE BENNETT! – An Indie Author of Excellence


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