An Indie Author of Excellence – It IS Tammy Berg

Today, in my series introducing you to some wonderful new authors, I’m shooting back to my Books Go Social Fantasy/Paranormal group for my INDIE AUTHOR OF EXCELLENCE. It is Tammy Berg!Tammy is the author of the Five-Ever Series, of which she currently has three books available.Why Five-Ever? Because Five–Ever is so much longer than Four-Ever.TAMMY’S PORTFOLIODOG of the ANCIENTS:Brodie is a Golden Retriever… A dog of The Ancients, but even such dogs are not allowed to talk to just anybody. The rules require those he is allowed to correspond with to be a soul of The Ancients, not just any human.He knew that if a human truly believed, then they too could hear the animals speak.Problem was that not many believed anymore, making it that much harder for the Golden’s to keep balance between animals and humans…THE HUNTER:Just how powerful a blue moon can be, is unknown to all at the sanctuary. It takes the Trio, Josie and two new Enchantresses, Winnie and Lexi to decipher this mystery, and help a lone Coyote and her pups by keeping a hunter at bay. A tiny life is unaware and completely innocent to the evils of the world. The realm of Five-Ever is opened to the teenagers, in the hopes of helping Brodie save the precious bundle.THE WITCH of the MARSH:Unbeknown to Josie, an age-old rivalry existed between her Gran and Delfia, the Marsh Witch, something Gran had kept to herself for many years. On finding out, Jo is surprised how deep and brutal their competition went.While knowing she would do whatever it took, she would have to save her Gran from the manipulative Marsh Witch…STALK TAMMY BERG:TWITTER:…AMAZON:…-author=Tammy+Berg&sort=relevancerankSo, there we have the wonderful Tammy Berg. Do go and check her books out and remember INDIES RULE! Till next time, have a wonderful, peace-filled day!CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!EMBRACE THE OPPORTUNITIES LIFE PRESENTS TO YOU AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!HAVE A GREAT LIFE AND SPREAD THE LOVE!CHANGING THE WORLD – ONE READER AT A TIME

Source: An Indie Author of Excellence – It IS Tammy Berg


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