The Self-Publishing Rules! Rules? What Bloody Rules?

Every so often, I get my blood boiled a little by some arrogant, mealy-mouthed, so-called expert who pontificates on Facebook or wherever, that there is so much crap in the e-book marketplace and that it demeans the other indie author’s work.It is a crock of shit! is just a continuation of the age-old argument and fallacy that was perpetuated by those in the publishing industry.We know better than you and we will tell you what you can and cannot read.For well over a hundred years now, a small group of self-appointed experts has decided what the great reading public will have the opportunity to read.THOSE DAYS ARE GONE FOREVER!The ability to easily self-publish through Kindle Direct and Createspace, among others, has exploded both the e-book and paperback book world, like never before -AND THIS IS A GOOD THING!I know there are other outlets for e-books online, but I’ll focus on Amazon simply because they are the behemoth of the industry. Amazon is a marketplace and like any good marketplace, it is the market that will sort out the good from the bad, the wheat from the chaff. Most importantly of all, it is no longer the role of some self-appointed Gods to decided who will publish and who won’t.I get extremely hot under the collar when someone tells me (and many other indie authors) that if we can’t afford to hire a professional editor, then we should wait until we can, before publishing.×90.jpgTHIS IS A CROCK OF SHIT AS WELL!When we, as independent authors set out to write our masterpieces, not one of us, for a second, thinks it is or will be good enough, but it is our baby. It is the sum collection of our dreams, our hopes, our aspirations and most of all our imaginations. For many of us it is the culmination of years of thought, plans and sheer hard work and we all, to the best of our abilities and finances try to polish it and make it perfect, but in the end, we publish what we believe is the best we can produce.Yes, I’m sure it would be lovely to have it polished and tweaked by some industry professional, and believe me, we ALL aspire for perfection, but if you think I or my friends are going to hold back from the opportunity to publish our work and share it, just because it doesn’t meet your “professionally edited” standards, then think again.There is this perception among the literary establishment, that indie authors can’t or won’t conform to the rules of grammar and style. My answer to this is whose grammar and style are we talking about here? The grammar and style that most of us of my generation learned at school and University no longer has absolute power in the world of publishing. is a new generation of readers who frankly couldn’t give a flying rat’s behind about grammar and style. What concerns them is story. The baby-boomers still desperately hanging on, for dear life, to their Oxford comma’s and dangling participles are a dying breed and will quickly find themselves in the minority as they depart this mortal coil.Accept it people, our way of writing is disappearing quickly and soon all of the self-effected elitists and grammar nuts will go the wa

Source: The Self-Publishing Rules! Rules? What Bloody Rules?


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