Just My Luck by Clive Austin (A Review)

Just My Luck, by Clive Austin, is exactly what it says it is – a short story. At only 32 pages on Kindle, it won’t take you much time to read at all.As an introduction to Austin’s writing style, it was useful.As a comedic short story, it possibly won’t have you roaring with laughter, but the situation of the protagonist did have a touch of humour to it, although the ending did leave me a little flat. Did it make me want to read Clive Austin’s novels, which after all I presume was the purpose of the exercise? The answer to that is probably not, so for me, anyway, the tactic did not work.I know this is becoming a common method these days to keep readers engaged between an author’s larger works, but for it to be a successful tool, the short stories need to be hard-hitting and profound, or in this case, uproariously funny.Just My Luck doesn’t quite cut it in that respect, so although it is a harmless, little dalliance of a read, I’m not sure it achieved the purpose the author set out for it. Still, a bit of harmless fun.    You can check out my hundreds of book reviews on my website. Find your next read here: http://www.grantleishman.com/book-reviews1.html

Source: Just My Luck by Clive Austin (A Review)


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