Recusant (The Brin Archive #2) by Jim Cronin (A Review)

This is the first Cronin book I’ve read, so as this is book two in the series, I guess I’m reading them out of sequence. Does it matter? In fantasy/sci-fi novels it often does, as the worlds created by the author are introduced and explained in more detail along with the main characters in the first novel in a series. In this case, from a pure interest sake, it may have been nice to have read the first book, first, but from an understanding perspective – no, not necessary. The world of the Brins and the characters that inhabit it is (thankfully) not too wild and weird for this reader to get his head around. I was quickly able to place the characters and their ancestors in the correct boxes in my mind. This is always the sign an author has achieved what he/she set out to do, without having to rehash book one again, before starting book two. Good job. Although this is a fantasy/sci-fi novel, it does, like all good novels, explore the human dilemmas and condition and it does it very well. The interactions between the two species (Brin’s and Humans) remind us of moral questions such as; racism, prejudice, prejudgment, greed, the greater good, service, and of course, love.This is a good adventure, an interesting new world and a sweet story in places. I enjoyed this book, outside of my usual genre and happily award it a very strong four stars. I would be happy to read Book One in the series now and I think that’s as big a compliment as I can pay Mr. Cronin.       You can check out all my hundreds of reviews on a variety of books across all genres, just by popping over to my website and taking a peek. You can even score yourself a free e-book if you join my website. Way to go!

Source: Recusant (The Brin Archive #2) by Jim Cronin (A Review)


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