Who Killed Vivien Morse – by Diana J Febry (A Review)

One of the things I’ve always liked about the DCI Hatherall series by Febry is its quintessential Britishness. There is something about the setting, in the English countryside and the quirky characters that inhabit it, that draws you in and says; “sit down in front of the fire, put your feet up and have a good read, with a cup of tea.” The Hatherall mysteries are very much like that for me. I feel comfortable reading them and chuckle along at the characters.Who Killed Vivien Morse was typical Hatherall, with a host of possible suspects and nothing much for the DCI to go on. Vivien Morse, bludgeoned to death in a damp forest, but why? and by who? The ex-husband was the obvious choice, but rarely is the obvious choice the right one, in a murder mystery. In this book, we meet a bunch of quirky characters, who make up the small country villages of rural England. I particularly enjoyed the over-the-top Druid and could well picture him prancing around the forest doing his Druidic things.I am a fan of Febry’s style, which is reminiscent of many British crime writers that I can think of. Her entire Hatherall series has created a set of stories that would not be amiss in a BBC Television Series – they remind me of Inspector Morse, among others.I will be reading more of Febry’s work over the months I imagine. She has me hooked as a fan of this series, at least.

Source: Who Killed Vivien Morse – by Diana J Febry (A Review)


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