Check Mate – By Ken Fry (A Book Review)

Anyone who regularly reads my reviews will know that I am a big fan of the blockbuster thrillers written by Ken Fry. As any author knows, you can’t churn out a new thriller every month, so what Ken Fry has taken to doing is to release a short story or two, in between his novels. This is great for us fans, as it gives us a Fry fix, whilst we wait with bated breath for his next compelling blockbuster.Check Mate, is exactly that, a sixty-page short story designed to keep Fry’s name uppermost in his reader’s thoughts and it does just that. Check Mate is a fascinating little tale of a disgruntled former employee who decides to take his revenge on his employer in the most vicious way ever – kidnapping the Boss’ wife and demanding a ransom. Joe Prentice, the boss, however, is a cool kettle of fish – an organised, methodical man who is determined not to let this kidnapping derail his happy, satisfied, and perfectly ordered life. He approaches catching and dealing with the kidnapper in the same way he has always approached problems in his business and his life – with a plan.The story rollicks along, in typical Fry fashion, to its exciting conclusion. This is a great bedtime read, that you can complete in a couple of hours and I guarantee you will be satisfied. I like Fry’s short stories and look forward to more, as well, of course, as his next big blockbuster novel. Great job.Check out Ken Fry’s other offerings:

Source: Check Mate – By Ken Fry (A Book Review)


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