Dynasty of Deceit by Sarah Stuart (A Review)

Dynasty of Deceit is the third and final book in the Royal Command trilogy, chronicling the rise and rise of the Marsh family in showbusiness, headlined by the inimitable Diamond Superstar himself, Michael Marsh.I have read all three and enjoyed all three, but I can honestly say the third book in the series is the best of them all. There’s no tapering off in this finale. It is action-packed, full of lies, half-truths and deceit, as are all three books and it is a good old-fashioned “whodunnit” to boot. Who killed Lissie Marsh, wife of the family patriarch and mother of Lisette Marsh? When the age-old accusations of incest between Michael and his daughter come to life again, the Marsh family rallies around to defeat them and continue to hide the horrible truth they’ve been guarding for so many years.All three books play off against the overriding story of the infamous Book of Hours, handed down by Mary Tudor, through the female line of the family. The book had one simple royal command to the woman of the family; “Find love where ye may”. Can the legacy of Queen Mary still be carried on and fulfilled amidst the ever present allegations of incest?Dynasty of Deceit beautifully ties up all the strands of this incredible story and brings them together to a satisfactory conclusion for this reader. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes their romance with a bit of hot spice. The authors handling of the consensual incestuous relationship within the book is well done, without either glorifying nor condemning what happened between Michael and Lisette.A fantastic series, and an excellent book – I highly recommend Dynasty of Deceit.

Source: Dynasty of Deceit by Sarah Stuart (A Review)


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