The 2016 Authors of Excellence Awards – Category (Romance/Adventure)

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. Without even trying I have become an enormous fan of romance/adventure books. I’m not talking Mills and Boon here, mind you, but I am talking about the exciting, sweet and loving romances by some fantastic Indie Authors. I have read some absolute humdinger romances this year and choosing just three to present to you in this year’s awards has been a trial. It’s a dirty job – but someone’s gotta do it, so here we go.The nominees in the ROMANCE/ADVENTURE category for this year’s Indie Author Awards for Excellence are:Our first nominee in this category has already become a perennial favourite of mine in this genre. Her sweet, romances about real people with real flaws and/or disabilities always capture me from the very first sentence. The book is:UNTIL THE STARS FALL FROM THE SKY (A HIDDEN BEAUTY NOVEL BOOK 1) by MARY CRAWFORD. This was just one of several superb books of hers I read this year, but this is the one that sticks in my mind the most.One of the wonderful things about being an editorial reviewer in the “Indie” publishing world, is the incredible variety of books you get offered to read. One day you’re reading a fantasy adventure complete with werewolves and other weird creatures, the next, a historical romance and the next day, a children’s book. The variety and talent in the “indie” world really has to be seen to be believed. I know reading all these fine authors has improved my own writing a hundred-fold. For a change, today, I found myself reading a wonderful romance, by Mary Crawford. Until the Stars Fall From the Sky makes no pretensions as to what it is; it is a soppy, beautiful, and at times heart-rending romance. I had read an earlier book by Mary Crawford and had enjoyed it so much, I jumped at the opportunity to read this one. What I particularly like about Crawford’s style is they way in which she develops her characters and how we are drawn into her character’s lives.Until the Stars Fall From the Sky is romance with a slight twist. We meet the two main characters; Jeff and Kiera, who both bring to this relationship issues that need to be dealt with. Jeff, an African American with childhood insecurities and Kiera, a paraplegic, redhead, are destined to meet and fall in love, facing all the difficulties inherent in a relationship that crosses cultural and physical boundaries.Crawford deals with the central issue of Kiera’s disability exceptionally well. What I particularly like about this book is it’s not about conflict, it’s not about race and it’s not even about disability; what it is, is a celebration of love, romance, and friendship. I don’t think I can be accused of being a “soppy bugger”, but I think every so often, it’s really nice to read a sweet story, with a happy ending and the promise of more to come. Mary Crawford’s book fills that role admirably. I love her style and I’m also thrilled to see she has a whole plethora of books, each one focusing on a different set of characters from this story. I am certainly tempted to read more in this series.An excellent read and one that makes you sigh and say: “ahhhh, yes,” and I think we all need to do that from time to time. Thank you, Mary Crawford, for a truly enjoyable read.Our second nominee is another author who’s work I have grown to love over the past couple of years. Her romances are about everyday, normal people and are infused with her unique sense of humour and mischievousness. The book is, THE SEASONS OF OUR LOVE and the author is ANGELA GASCOIGNE.I have read several of Gascoigne’s books now and I will hold my hand up and admit I am a real fan of hers. There are just a few authors whose books I would seek out the moment they come onto the market and Gascoigne is now in that illustrious company on my list. There is nothing startling about her stories or her style. She writes simple, romances about real people that grab and pull at your consciousness. The

Source: The 2016 Authors of Excellence Awards – Category (Romance/Adventure)


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