The Humour Category – 2016 Awards for Indie Author Excellence

After experiencing the horrors and vicissitudes of war in the last category of Historical Fiction, it is definitely time to lighten the mood today, with the awards in the HUMOUR category.Writing, witty and funny books is not an easy task (Trust me, I’ve tried), but when it is done well, it is a sheer pleasure to read. When I chuckle or better still, belly laugh, whilst reading a book, you know the author has touched a nerve and succeeded. All three of the nominees, in this category, have managed to do just that, in this past year. Three very different, but very funny books make up the nominations in the HUMOUR category.The first book we look at today is an hilarious take on many of our favourite childhood fairy-tale characters. It is:UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER by LUCINDA E. CLARKEI was fortunate enough to be offered this book by Lucinda Clarke for Beta Reading, prior to final editing and production. Having read Clarke’s work in the past and realising this was a totally new genre for her, I was keen and excited to do so. This dip into the world of Grown Up Fairy Tales is one that I enjoyed greatly. What I find, especially with legacy published authors is that they get caught up in a genre, or a character series, that quickly becomes their sole focus. What was successful before, must be successful again and they spend their time churning out turgid, formulaic and often, frankly, boring books, year after year. That is why the vibrant Indie Author community is so important. These authors have nothing to lose, so they are prepared to push the boundaries and try different things – things that interest them and excite them. The benefits are apparent for the readers as the variety on offer is so great and so extensive. This is exactly what Lucinda Clarke has done. The author of two exceptional adventure, fiction novels set in Africa, she has also written several memoirs detailing humorous and fascinating parts of her career to date. Now, she has switched genre and focus completely, bringing us; Unhappily Ever After, and we, as readers, are richer for that.Unhappily Ever After is exactly what it says; a fairy tale for grown-ups. Clarke uses humor and sarcasm, combined with a weird and wonderful cast of characters to expose base human traits, political correctness and stereotypes for what they really are; a joke! I love reading stories that use characters from my childhood and you will find many of these characters in Unhappily Ever After. We are presented with a variety of princesses that we first met as youngsters, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and others, but their characters now are barely recognizable. These are lazy, indolent and arrogant people who look down their noses at us mere common folk and dismiss the riff-raff as just being grateful for whatever crumbs they are lucky enough to receive from their tables. I found myself often thinking of the similarity of these characters to those of the Shrek movie franchise, so if you liked Shrek, you’ll probably enjoy Unhappily Ever After.Unhappily Ever After may not set you “belly-laughing”, but the humor is subtle and clever and a credit to the author’s wonderful imagination. If you want a break from the everyday fare available out there, I would recommend you escape into the fantasy world of Lucinda Clarke’s mind. This is a book for grown-ups, though, as it pulls no punches in its political incorrectness. It is fun and harmless entertainment, at its very best.The second nominee in the HUMOUR category is a book that caught me very much by surprise. It was absolutely not what I had expected, when I bought it, but pleasantly so. It is oddly enough called: JOHN SHARPE NO.1348 and is written by RILEY J FROUD.Every once in a while, you get to read something special and this is what John Sharpe: No. 1,348 by Riley J Froud is – something very special. To be honest, I had always intended to read this, but I guess the title was strange enough to make me move it down the to be read list, each time it came up. I finally dived into it and what a treat was in store

Source: The Humour Category – 2016 Awards for Indie Author Excellence


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