Fantasy – 2016 Grunter Awards for Indie Author Excellence

Today, we move onto the Fantasy Genre, which I love, partly because there is so much scope to what can fit into this genre. From werewolves to vampires, to ghosts, to hobgoblins, to Greek Gods… in fact, whatever the fevered mind of an author can create, can usually be slotted into the Fantasy Genre. I’ve read some wonderful fantasy tales this past year, so let’s get on to the nominees:The first nominee in the Fantasy Category for 2016 is The Storm Creature by Maria Gibbs.The Storm Creature by Maria Gibbs is the first of her works that I have read, but I can assure you, it will not be the last. Although this is just a short story at only 70 odd pages on Kindle, it is a wonderful story that captured me from the very first paragraph. Lucy is haunted by the ghost of a woman she killed in a car accident a few years earlier. She is convinced Adele’s death was her fault and has never forgiven herself for the accident. Lucy has cut herself off from society and lives alone in the woods, where she works as an editor. Her isolation, however, does not stop Adele’s visitations to her whenever there is a storm. I won’t give any more of the plot away at this point, but we are taking on a journey inside Lucy’s troubled mind.I personally, found Gibbs’ writing style to be very poetic and compelling. Even though it was only a short story, I found once I started reading this tale, I couldn’t put it down until I was sure what would happen to the characters Lucy and Adele. For me, this is the sign of a class author and one that I want to read more of. An excellent, excellent story and one I can only highly recommend to anyone.Just as a small aside – what a truly magnificent cover. I love it – it’s so evocative.Our second nominee today in the Fantasy Genre is Language in the Blood: Book 1 by Angela LockwoodFor me, Angela Lockwood has epitomised why it is important and refreshing to read Indie Authors.She has taken a genre that has been grossly overworked and become rather formulaic and put a whole new, fresh, take on it. Language in the Blood is one of those books that reminds us that it is the Indie Authors, these days, who have the fresh, interesting ideas in literature. Kudos to Lockwood. Vampires are not my favourite theme, but Language in the Blood was definitely a book I struggled to put down. I wanted to find our what happened next to our anti-hero Cameron.Cameron, a young Scottish boy, like so many others at the time, saw the First World War as an opportunity for a bit of excitement and travel. He discovered very quickly that War was brutal and worst of all, rather than dying in no-mans land, where he lay dying, he was revived by a bite from a Vampire.What followed was essentially an autobiography of a Vampire as he traversed the twentieth century and beyond. Cameron, was at times, nasty, vicious, arrogant, self-centred, and hedonistic in his approach to his life as a Vampire, however, the author was able to instill something in him that pleaded for the reader’s understanding and empathy. He was a character that you desperately wanted to hate, but somehow you couldn’t and that is a direct compliment to the author. There were some wonderfully comedic moments in the story and memorable lines delivered by Cameron and in a book that brings us some of the basest pleasures, this was a delight and again a tribute to the author’s skills.I liked the style the story was written, using flashbacks between the past and current times. We followed Cameron from WWI, through the Roaring 20’s, the Great Depression, WWII and on until the time of Facebook and Internet Chat Rooms.This was a very engaging story and I did enjoy it a lot. If you love Vampires, but are tired of the same old stories, then Language in the Blood: Book 1 will be an incredibly enjoyable read for you, I’m sure. There is room for a sequel and I see on Amazon that Language in the Blood: Book 2 is also

Source: Fantasy – 2016 Grunter Awards for Indie Author Excellence


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